Setra Stevenson

Setra Stevenson moved to Dallas, Texas from Detroit, Michigan in 2012. She has 3 children and she has always given priority to their development and success.  She has been involved in all kinds of activities that have enhanced her life greatly over the years. Setra always displays a thirst for knowledge and a passion for business and human relationships. She is outgoing, friendly and always looking for ways to help others.



Setra has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and currently attending University of Phoenix planning to complete her Doctorate studies in Organizational Leadership Management. Setra is very active in her sorority Graduate Chapter where she serve as a committee member while also volunteering many hours giving back to the community.



Setra is on a mission for everyone to define their worth.  I AM worth it clothing brand was created to inspire women and encourage them to  know their self worth in every aspect of life. The clothing brand started with just a t-shirt and now has grown into a full line for women, men. 


"I AM worth it" is a powerful affirmation that also encourages everyone to know that they are not defined by past mistakes or failures.

  • Setra is an Inspirational Speaker and her radio talk show "You're Worth It"  is meant to inspire, encourage, and give hope as she talks about real life topics. The mission of the show is to keep you connected.

  • Setra magazine "You're Worth It" was published in 2019 to share inspirational stories and  recognize Entrepreneurs  who are truly making a difference. 


  • Setra is the Founder and CEO of Macala Miracles  which was a Youth Development Center in the city of Detroit.  In 2012  her tutoring and mentoring services were transferred to Texas.


  • Setra is the creator of "Living your Dreams & Reaching your Goals Workshops."  These workshops are designed to give you tools and the necessary steps towards living your dreams and reaching your goals. 

  • Setra is also involved as a partner in Kids Talking Sports where her 12 year old son Girard is the Founder and CEO.


Setra continues to increase her knowledge in every aspect of modern marketing. Her experience as a school teacher and an executive in management and marketing positions have made her a well-rounded professional that is able to get involved in any kind of project while adapting easily to the required tasks.

Vision & Goals

Her goal is to continue to inspire, encourage, motivate, and give hope to others. Her vision is to unlock the potential inside of others so that one day they would walk boldly in their calling while taking the necessary steps towards living their best life ON PURPOSE.